Group Sales

McGrath Amphitheatre is proud to offer local organizations discounts to a variety of great entertainment through our Group Sales Program.  Our Group Sales Program will allow you to offer employees & members notification of upcoming events, as well as special discounts on ticket prices for select events! Group  minimums will vary, but are typically available for groups of 10-15 and more.  Here’s how it works:

  • When a new discounted event is announced, we notify you of the opportunity, detailing show date, time, regular ticket rates and your exclusive discount rates & savings.
  • Event information is relayed to group members with instructions to sign up for discounted tickets at the designated location within your organization & with the designated contact who gathers individual orders.
  • Your organization contact communicates with our Group Experience Coordinator to reserve a block of seats in one designated area for all group members to sit together. No immediate financial obligation is required.  An estimated number of seats is held, and as orders continue to come into the contact, the number of seats held can be adjusted up or down as needed until final payment is due two weeks prior to the event date.
  • When the deadline for payment approaches, the organization contact communicates with our Group Experience Coordinator the total number of seats sold, and any extra seats held are released without obligation. Tickets will be printed and mailed or left at willcall for pick-up according to your preference.